The period between April of 1625 and June of 1627 is a hazy and mysterious on in the life of Sir George Calvert. Some really big stuff is going down in regards to Calvert's colony of Avalon in Newfoundland. But there are frustratingly huge holes in the historical record. Missing puzzle pieces which will require a bit of speculation to fill in the gaps.

We'll try and solve the super spooky mystery behind the removal of Captain Edward Wynne as governor of Avalon. And we'll meet his replacement, the Catholic knight and soldier of fortune, Sir Arthur Aston.

We'll suffer the Wrath of God in the London plague of 1625-1626.

Then, we'll follow the story of Father Simon Stock, a Discalced Carmelite priest and champion for the catholic colony of Avalon. Stock would spend much of 1625 and early 1626 petitioning a new organization in Rome, dedicated to the spread of Catholicism in all of the non-Catholic sectors of the planet- the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (or de Propaganda Fide).

Simon Stock is going to pander to Propaganda's motives and mission statement in order to secure spiritual aid for Calvert's venture. Specifically, he's looking for catholic priests willing to go Avalon.

The story of father Simon will also introduce us to a growing factional divide in the English Catholic underground. A jurisdictional spat between the secular clergy and the regular clergy. Sir George Calvert will soon find himself on the front lines of this controversy, and it will ultimately lead him to align himself with the Society of Jesus (better known as the Jesuits). And this relationship will be instrumental in the founding of Maryland and its early history.

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