In today's episode, we'll take another look at the events of the early 1620s in Europe.  This time from the the viewpoint of the grand political stage, up to the ascension of King Charles I in March 1625. Particularly, the build up to the series of religious and dynastic conflicts that will come to be known as the 30 Years War.

We'll zoom in on the parliament of 1624, and the first attempts at military intervention on the continent by the Stuart Dynasty.  And we'll see how this set King Charles on the road to conflict with his English parliament.  A constitutional tug of war that will have all sorts of impacts on the creation (and near total destruction) of the Maryland colony.

We'll also take a hard look at the state of England military, or lack thereof, just before she sets about getting involved in a series of military expeditions in Europe.

Then we'll play a game of Royal Marriage with Prince Charles.  We'll explore how the proposed "French match" to the Bourbon Dynasty's Henrietta Maria, may have been Charles' best political option of a bad bunch.  But due to a ticking clock and a fatally weak negotiating hand, the royal marriage between Stuart and Bourbon would ultimately help poison, not only Charles' reign, but all of Stuart dynastic history to come.


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